Tangible Scientific Analysis with Data Driven Results.

Our Business

Founded by our passion to produce computational tools and software for real world application. We have a vested desire to help build the tools you need to visualize and understand your data. Regardless, if your data is scientific or business related we can sort it, categorize it, arrange it count it, group it, plot it, and present it.

Why You Should Use Us

We offer a personal service which will blend our skills into the highest quality tools for your data. Computational Analytics gives you the attention and personal service that you require. The rates are competitive with no hidden fees or surprises and we offer many flat rate packages and services. We realize businesses have budgets which is why we offer various high quality data services at a reasonable fixed price.


  • Produce customers a quality product with tangible results at fair cost.

  • Maintain and apply the latest technologies for data management and analysis.

  • Develop new tools and technologies that will enable end users to understand, validate, visualize, store, and manage their information.

  • Central Services and Capabilities

    Computational Resources

    We offer cloud storage, web site hosting, interactive web dashboards and charts, interactive and parallel computing resources that have up to 88 virtual cores available for customer use as scheduled. All cores are on a single board and therefore talk time loss between cores is negligible. Large server banks suffer from network talk time between machines. Parallel programming is performed with Spark and the SparkR library. Computing time is leased and scheduled. Our current computing infrastructure offers up to 125 Gig of memory and 1 Tb of swap space. This equates to the ability to perform in memory computations on data vectors up to 1Tb in size. Interactive web applications can access all computing resources and are interfaced using SparkR. This allows customer web applications to access our computing resources.

    Interactive Demo Applications

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